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Show at Den of Muses
 Architect Street (Lakeside)
New Orleans, LA

 11/20 at 7pm
11/22 at 11pm
11/23 at 5pm
11/24 at 7pm
tickets are $8 with a $3 Fringe button
for tickets and information:

photo by Eric Gillet                                                                                                    




photo by Eric Gillet; design by Dave Piexoto

What if the story you know is a lie?  

Two aerialists, 100 feet of rope, and a myth deferred await you in this retelling of a story the world got wrong.  

Contemporary circus arts, spectacle, and way too much dance training make up the meat of this visual feast fed to you by a romantic and a liar.






Photo by Eric Gillet

Design by Dave Piexoto






photo by Max Cooper

Rachel Strickland,  Artistic Director 

Classically trained in ballet since the age of three, Rachel is a dancer turned aerialist and innovative variety performer. Modern, belly dance, and lyrical jazz make up some of her versatile background as well as six years of aerial acrobatic training at the Circus Center of San Francisco and Emerald City Trapeze Arts in Seattle.  Rachel's cross training gives her the ability to deliver a wide range of movements from lithe and ethereal to earthy and visceral. Rich, extravagant movements and strong, multifaceted technique are her trademarks. And a touch of creepy aesthetic.  

Performing, teaching, and creating internationally has brought her together with Ireland's Fidget Feet Aerial Dance Company as well as Natural Wings Aerial Dance, based out of Perth in Western Australia.  

Performing extensively as a soloist internationally and in several national tours, Rachel specializes in aerial hoop choreography and the practice of telling stories.

Meredith Starnes

Meredith Starnes,  Company Member 

Meredith, more appropriately known as Deth, is a classically trained mover, shaker, and dynamite in a neat little Swarovski-encrusted package. Her formidable dance background includes 25 years of training, notably under B.J. Sullivan and John Gamble, and a BFA in Performance and Choreography from North Carolina School of the Arts. Her circus training is 6 years and counting between TSNY Boston and Emerald City Trapeze Arts, specializing in dynamic aerial hoop work and and an uncanny ability to costume from scratch. A celebrated study of character and a gifted improviser, Deth's eagle eye and penchant for unearthing what is compelling in any piece are prized by her audience and her fellow aerialists. 

She likes her beer dark and possesses a keen overfondness for hamburger helper.





Jym Daly

Jym Daly,  Musical Director

Jym Daly is co-director of Fidget Feet Aerial Dance Theatre, and a visionary artist in his own right using mediums of music, visual art, and mixed media.

Fidget Feet Aerial Dance Theatre is Ireland’s foremost Aerial Dance Theatre Company and is originally from County Donegal. The Company creates spectacular indoor and outdoor work, specializing in site-specific work for theatres and festivals, making contemporary circus with both beauty and depth whilst remaining accessible and entertaining. Fidget Feet has become renowned internationally as a creative organization that stretches the boundaries between several arts forms, combining dance with contemporary circus and creating theatre fused with aerial, dance, music and video art.

Fidget Feet Aerial Dance

Mary Anne Bennick

Mary Anne Bennick,  Improvisational Piano

Mary Anne is an improvisational pianist specializing in music meditation and offers one-on-one sessions in Seattle, WA. In 2003, Mary Anne began to experiment with improvisational music as a means of guided meditation. That curiosity led her to work with music in correlation with Chakras, Tibetan singing bowls, and other mindfulness techniques such as creative writing and visual art.Currently, she is enrolled as a graduate student of counseling and clinical psychology at LIOS/Saybrook University. Mary Anne looks forward to continuing working with music as an integrative therapy in her future a licensed counselor.


Joshua Morris

Joshua Morris,  Violin/Guitar Arrangement 

North Carolina native Joshua Morris began studying and performing classical music at an early age. Together with his father, mother, brother and sister, he began performing around the south, and The Morris Family became well known for their beautiful Irish harmonies. Later, he expanded his musical repertoire to include rock and roll, drawing on his classical and Irish background, and with his band Sinclair, released the album Stories of this Land in 2002. Joshua recorded and produced the 2006 Morris Family release Farewell to Summer. 

 After moving to New York in 2005, Morris has continued his musical ambitions, melding his voice, violin and guitar into a solo act adept in both faithful traditional tunes as well as improvised original work, working out of his home studio. He has opened for the likes of Graham Parker and has contributed original compositions for choreographed works from North Carolina to Washington State. Recent collaborative projects include his distance project rock bands A Town Called Robot with bassist Matthew Everhart and percussionist / engineer Chris Garges and Remy Fine’s All Star Quiet Band with guitarist and musical historian Pepper Watkins. Morris currently designs recording studios and other acoustically-sensitive spaces for WSDG.


Joanna Quail

Joanna Quail,  Electric Cello 

Jo Quail is a cellist and composer of instrumental music. Residing in London, Jo’s live performances have mesmerised and delighted audiences in the UK, Europe, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa and Japan. 

Jo continues to tour her debut solo album “From The Sea”, which musically travels a complex path from meditative ambience to dark brooding urgency. In her live solo performance, Jo plays an electric cello and uses electronics to combine atonality with rich orchestration and deft percussive sounds to produce ‘majestic soundscapes’. When performing Jo plays entirely live, with no pre-recorded elements, using her cello, effects, and loop station to build layers of sound into unique and powerfully structured pieces of audio alchemy. Jo also writes specially commissioned pieces for music, film and theatre companies. Jo’s previous commissions include ''The Moving Landscape' for ND5 (Australia), Caesar Productions (String Casear – 2010), Paul Schoolman’s latest film starring Derek Jacobi and Alice Krige, Orphic Film (Fade – 2008), and Teatro Vivo (The Three Sisters – 2009). Jo’s EP “The Pilbara” is a commissioned piece of sound art for the cultural organisation FORM, which explores the diverse landscape of the Pilbara region of Western Australia.













Poletential Studios

Icarus is made possible by an intensive two week artist's residency, hosted by the spectacular Christina Kish and Poletential Studios in Redwood City, CA. This studio is an amazing space and we never could have accomplished what we have without the generous support of Christina and everyone at Poletential who put up with us lugging ladders, equipment, generally taking over for hours at a time, and leaving a trail of feathers behind us.

This beautiful two-room studio is halved by devotees: one room is devoted to aerial work, and another is the most beautiful pole studio we've ever seen. If you're passing through Redwood City this space is definitely worth visiting to take a spin!

Thank you Christina and Poletential for supporting us!!!!